At the end of 2011, my oncologist had declared I was in remission.  Shortly afterwards, my brother and his girlfriend came to visit.  He had been down to visit several times while I was sick.  He spent a lot of time in the hospital with me along with his girlfriend and Danielle.

The WatchAt the visit after I was declared cancer free, he gave me a watch.  The watch pictured to the left.  When he gave it to me, he said it is meant to symbolize new beginnings and the time I have in front of me.  The watch is really beautiful, and I wore it to my cousin’s wedding in 2012.  I didn’t wear it much after that because it’s such a nice watch;  I was afraid of damaging it at work.

Since then, a lot of things have happened.  My brother and his girlfriend are now husband and wife.  I had gotten divorced about a year ago.  Danielle has moved to another state and has a new love of her life.

I had resigned myself to a life possibly alone.  I had written before about how I felt, being single and “broken.”  Cancer was gone (and still is) but the collateral damage made me feel not particularly desirable.  Being 46 didn’t help either.

Recently, I started wearing the watch again.  I started wearing it after I showed it to my new girlfriend.  My new girlfriend who makes me feel everything but “broken.”  The watch had stopped running over the years in storage.  But the watch has eco-drive.  All it needed was a little light to get it started up again.  A little light to give it life.

The moment wasn’t lost on me.

So I wear the watch to work now, careful of not scratching it.  I like what it tells me besides what time it is.  My brother was right about new beginnings; he’s a smart guy that way.




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