I don’t have much patience when waiting at the doctor’s office. My appointment is at a certain time, I expect to see the doctor within reasonable window after that appointed time.

Today I’m waiting to see the doc and it’s an hour past my appointment. To be honest I’m kind of fuming about it. Why am I expected to wait so long? Don’t they have any respect for my time??

But then I take a step back and try to reflect on what’s going on behind the scenes. My doctor is awesome and she takes the time to talk to her patients, including me. I think about what she deals with back there. Sometimes she has good news to share with her patients, sometimes bad. I think about the information she needs to explain to her patients.

So I take a breath. People all around me may be in different stages of their cancer journey. I’m on the back end, healthy and coming in to schedule a colonoscopy. I can wait.

Now that I’m healthy, I’ve gotten caught up in some old habits. Losing sight of the bigger picture in these instances is one of them.  I’m trying to keep hold of my perspective.  Sometimes it’s hard.


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