Month: June 2013

My Love / Hate Relationship With Food.

I’m feeling sick this morning.  It’s not surprising because I’m on vacation and haven’t been eating well.  I’m eating much better than I ever did before cancer, but worse than I normally do these days. I have this difficult relationship with food.  I love to eat, but now I get feedback pretty quickly that I’ve

Surviving and Feeling Guilty About It

I’ve been struggling to try to write this blog for a week now.  Some friends and I were chatting a few days ago.  The discussion was about survivor guilt.  It’s a complicated emotion because on one hand you’re thrilled to have won the battle with cancer and want to shout about it and celebrate.  On

PET scan and the wait.

I’m sitting in a comfy chair waiting for radioactive sugar to circulate through my body so I can get scanned. Elton John is playing softly on the radio.  I keep my movement to a minimum so the scan doesn’t get muddy.  I don’t want the sugar fueling my muscles from moving around too much. There’s