Month: March 2013

Two Years With the Ostomy

I was changing my colostomy bag yesterday and it occurred to me how routine it has all become. It’s hard to believe I had my ostomy surgery back in March of 2011.  It doesn’t seem that long ago.  Here we are in 2013 and things have really been ‘normal’. I’ve been living this way for two years

American Idol and the Ostomy

February and March were busy months for me at work.  It was busy for everybody because American Idol had come to our theatre to shoot six episodes this season.  They were shooting in between our normal show schedule which meant that we would do ten shows in a week and then load in American Idol

Guest Post.

Not long ago I received a comment from Cameron Von  St. James.  He is a caregiver for his wife Heather.  He asked if he could write an article for my blog.  It was during the time I was waiting to hear back about my scan so I asked to delay it for a few weeks.