Month: February 2013

Still Cancer Free

After a few delays I finally got to see the oncologist today.  He was upbeat and happy to see me.  He told me everything looked great. It was a huge relief for me.  You would think that after a year plus, it would be easier.  It is a little, but not too much.  I was

Results Day

I am awake!  That is unusual for me. As Danielle with tell you, I’m usually out within five minutes of my head hitting the pillow.  It is even more unusual tonight because I’ve only had 4 hours of sleep from the prvious night because of work.  But here I am, awake with thoughts bouncing around

Scan Day!

This is a fairly typical day for me when I have CT scans taken for the following week.  It is usually done along with blood work.  The trick is to do the blood work first so that the iodine doesn’t screw up my blood tests.  The iodine put the kidneys in distress as they try

High Anxiety!

Like I said, it’s that time again!  The last post I talked about the time was coming up for the scans and blood work.  Well, I had my blood work today and my CT scan is tomorrow. Time again for the barium, the iodine, the laying down with my arms up in the air, not