Month: May 2012

Relay Wrap Up

A little delayed, but here is the Relay for Life Wrap up. It was a long, but satifying night.  It was very rewarding and I plan to do it again.  Here’s how the day went. Friday Night, 10pm:  I had gotten off work a little early and come home to work on some final projects

Colostomy… Yes, it is kind of funny…

RECTUM??!!….  IT NEARLY KILLED HIM!! Have most of you heard this joke? I first saw it almost 20 years ago.  It wasn’t told to me, it showed up on a computer screen at work that was booting up.  Back in the day somebody had altered the AUTOEXEC.BAT file on a DOS machine to display it on the

Mike Brown Said it First

“Winning the lottery nobody wants to win”.  That’s how I started this blog with my very first post.  I did not come up with the quote.  As I mentioned in my first post it was how getting cancer was described to me.  The person that said it first was Mike Brown. Mike passed away on