Month: February 2012

One Year

March 4th 2011. It was my second morning in the hospital. I was at Sunrise waiting for the anesthesiologist to administer something to calm my nerves but he hadn’t shown up yet. It was the same thing yesterday except yesterday I went in for a colonoscopy. It was a precaution to make sure I only

Let It Be

Today I had to go to work to meet some people about some power questions in the theatre. While I was waiting for them in the lobby, The Beatles Let It Be started playing. That’s not entirely unusual since our show is all about the Beatles and the lobby plays Beatles songs 24 hours a


Alive & Kicking That’s the name of the book I just read. It was written by Rolf Benirschke. He was an NFL kicker for the San Diego Chargers in the late 70s into the 80s. He is also a survivor of ulcerative colitis and had ostomy surgery when he was in his 20s while playing


So I’ve hit two milestones today that really put me closer to being back to normal. First I saw my pain doctor for the last time and second I had my port finally removed. Pain Killers Getting rid of pain killers I actually accomplished about two weeks ago. It has been a year since I


Unremarkable, a single simple word. A great word if you’re reading a followup scan for cancer. Left colostomy unremarkable…. Liver and spleen are unremarkable as well as the pancreas and gallbladder.  Adrenal glands and kidneys are unremarkable…  No new abnormalities in the pelvis.  Bladder unremarkable… STABLE CT.  NO EVIDENCE OF METASTATIC DISEASE. I never thought being