Month: November 2011

The “Appliance”

So as promised, a discussion about the white elephant in the room, the colostomy bag! I’ve been going back and forth on this post for some time. On one hand I know people are curious about the mysterious and not much talked about addition to my anatomy. On the other hand it is a fairly


Liberation!!! Big word. What does it mean for me? Well, it goes back to the fact that I had a massive surgery that removed some parts that a human really can’t do without. At least do without and continue to be normal. As I’ve said early on, they had to remove my rectum and anus

Reliving the Past

It’s funny that as you go through this journey, you push things into the background to survive. Looking back on this blog I’ve talked about many things I experienced over the year I’ve been battling cancer. Sometime while writing this blog I get very emotional. Talking about these things brings those emotions up front and