Month: June 2011

Diagnosed – The First Five Days

Try to imagine what you might feel if you were told you have cancer.  All if a sudden you need to think about your mortality.  Got it?  Now throw it out the window.  There is no way to imagine it and there is no real way I can describe it.  The reality is that it’s

The Ambien Incident

Picture this.  You are given a dose of Ambien by the nurse in the middle of the night at the hospital because you haven’t been sleeping.  A few hours later you wake up not knowing who you are, where you are and don’t trust anybody but your wife who can’t convince you that alls these

The Port – Gateway for Chemo

Talking about the port seems like the next logical step.  It was the next surgical procedure I had to endure when I was diagnosed so I had one installed pretty early in the process.  That port had to be removed the other day because of a malfunction.  I now have a new port on the