Month: February 2011

The Next Big Step In Being Cancer Free

Hey all, The time has come for the next thing to do to get rid of this cancer.  Its amazing all that’s happened in the past six months.  So far I’ve been scanned four times, had an ultrasound, had numerous exams, three surgeries and 6 weeks of chemo and radiation.  I’ve been to NYC for

News From New York City

Well, we spent the night in NY and walked over to Sloan Kettering at 7am for my appointment.  They wouldn’t let us up to the third floor until 7:30 so we had some breakfast down the street.  At 7:30, they let us upstairs where I registered and did all the usual paperwork At around 8:30

Where We’re At With the Cancer

So as I mentioned over a week ago, the biopsy news was bad.  It was not entirely unexpected because of the type of cancer and the location of the tumor.  For a few days though we were feeling pretty good. Once I got the news however both my surgeon and my new oncologist are in