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Six Years Ago.

Facebook gave me a notification today that exactly six years ago, I had ostomy surgery.  It also brought up a post I put up the early morning of surgery day.  As you could imagine, I was having a hard time sleeping the night before everything would change for me.  Here’s some of what I wrote:

Guest Post.

Not long ago I received a comment from Cameron Von  St. James.  He is a caregiver for his wife Heather.  He asked if he could write an article for my blog.  It was during the time I was waiting to hear back about my scan so I asked to delay it for a few weeks.

One Year

March 4th 2011. It was my second morning in the hospital. I was at Sunrise waiting for the anesthesiologist to administer something to calm my nerves but he hadn’t shown up yet. It was the same thing yesterday except yesterday I went in for a colonoscopy. It was a precaution to make sure I only


So I’ve hit two milestones today that really put me closer to being back to normal. First I saw my pain doctor for the last time and second I had my port finally removed. Pain Killers Getting rid of pain killers I actually accomplished about two weeks ago. It has been a year since I

Any Illness is Now a Big Deal

So Friday before chemo on Monday.  I have some trouble urinating.  I know not a common subject to just be blogging about, but it brings up a point about my life these days. The problem got worse and turned out to be a bladder infection, my first ever.  The cause was more than likely my

The Ambien Incident

Picture this.  You are given a dose of Ambien by the nurse in the middle of the night at the hospital because you haven’t been sleeping.  A few hours later you wake up not knowing who you are, where you are and don’t trust anybody but your wife who can’t convince you that alls these