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And Now, For Something Completely Different…

Making Silver Bell The snow was cold, but Heather insisted on making a snowman.  Of course the snow is cold, it’s snow. “I’m from Wisconsin,” she said, “I don’t need gloves!” Her statement made sense in that we just drove up into the mountain from Las Vegas.  We don’t interact with snow that much.  And

The Week

It’s that time of year again.  Time for the CT Scan and the blood work.  Time for the barium and the iodine. None of that is really all that bad.  It’s the week between the tests and the results that still gets me anxious.  There’s something about the fact that there is paperwork somewhere in

Irrational Fear

I’m drinking a lot of water lately, is it a sign I have CANCER?!!! Sounds crazy right?  Along with that there is this: My urine seems darker than normal, is it a sign I have CANCER?!!! Unfortunately I had both those thoughts this month.  Not long, contemplative thoughts, just those irrational fear thoughts that pop up

A Peek Inside

So the time has come for another colonosocopy.  A real look inside my insides if you like.  It’s one of those tests that I think most people dread.  For the most part you wouldn’t need to do it until you hit 50 years old, but in my case I will probably have one yearly for

Colostomy… Yes, it is kind of funny…

RECTUM??!!….  IT NEARLY KILLED HIM!! Have most of you heard this joke? I first saw it almost 20 years ago.  It wasn’t told to me, it showed up on a computer screen at work that was booting up.  Back in the day somebody had altered the AUTOEXEC.BAT file on a DOS machine to display it on the