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Michael is a Colon cancer survivor living in the Nevada desert with his wife, cat and dog. He is lucky enough to have some family close but wishes he was closer to all his family. When not working he spends his days trying to make stuff from pretty much anything.

Six Years Ago.

Facebook gave me a notification today that exactly six years ago, I had ostomy surgery.  It also brought up a post I put up the early morning of surgery day.  As you could imagine, I was having a hard time … Continue reading

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And Now, For Something Completely Different…

Making Silver Bell The snow was cold, but Heather insisted on making a snowman.  Of course the snow is cold, it’s snow. “I’m from Wisconsin,” she said, “I don’t need gloves!” Her statement made sense in that we just drove … Continue reading

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Shirts Pants Socks I make lists.  A lot of lists. Phone Phone Charger Tooth Brush I’ve kept lists from time to time over the years, but since having chemo, I find them essential.  After chemo, I found my brain seemed … Continue reading

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At the end of 2011, my oncologist had declared I was in remission.  Shortly afterwards, my brother and his girlfriend came to visit.  He had been down to visit several times while I was sick.  He spent a lot of time … Continue reading

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What to say about exercise? As a guy who has been heavy most of his life, and honestly, if we’re going by that dick BMI chart, obese and morbidly obese, (I technically don’t think a chart can really be a dick, … Continue reading

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I don’t have much patience when waiting at the doctor’s office. My appointment is at a certain time, I expect to see the doctor within reasonable window after that appointed time. Today I’m waiting to see the doc and it’s … Continue reading

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The Week

It’s that time of year again.  Time for the CT Scan and the blood work.  Time for the barium and the iodine. None of that is really all that bad.  It’s the week between the tests and the results that … Continue reading

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The CDC and Ostomies

I’ve tried writing this post a few times now.  The CDC has put out new anti-smoking ads.  These ads have always been kind of in your face and shocking.  The most recent tie together the increased risk of colon cancer … Continue reading

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Slow Down! Embrace the Journey.

It’s 38 degrees outside today and the wind is blustering.  It’s not the weather you expect in the Las Vegas desert, but if you live here it’s not surprising.  I’m wearing a leather jacket, wool hat, and gloves.  I’m walking … Continue reading

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Begin Again

Life is about beginnings and endings. My life as a married person has come to an end and my time as a single person has begun again. I was not expecting this ending or beginning again in my life, but … Continue reading

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